Senior Leads: Doctor Gascoigne
KT Syakumi
PR Lead: Saffia Widdershins
Land Lead: Diana Renoir
Sim Coordinators: Sullybaby Gomez
Pygar Bu
Libbytulips Oleander
Marianne McCann
Diana Renoir
KT Syakumi
Pixelprophet Lane
Moderation: Rails Bailey
Doctor Gascoigne
Hosts/Greeters: Treacle Darlandes
Ghost Ulich
iSkye Silverweb
Graphic Design: Harlequin Rhode
Pod Tours: Yavanna Llanfair
Time Capsule: Will Webb
Stage Builders: Donpatchy
Toady Nakamura/Flea Bussy
KT Syakumi
Kazuhiro Aridian
Aki Shichiroji
Stage Leads: Live: Jahman Ochs
DJ: Golan Eilde
Cake: Linda Sautereau
Lake: FedoraJones Popstar
Blogger: Harper Beresford

Streams generously provided by Lusch Audio Shoutcast Hosting, owned by TJ Lusch. Thank you!
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  2. is this a linden labs sponsored event or a private individual with 20 sims? last year they asked the sl community to sponsor our own celebration..

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