“Emphatic Eccentrica” at Astonish

Coltercraft Flight School by Howdy Colter
Morgan Straits by Juliathepirate Buccaneer
Zeitraum by Zauselina Rieko
The 4th Age of Tolkien by AelKennyr Rhiano
Seconn Life Newser Office by Bixyl Shuftan
Happy Hunting! by Cinders Vale
Corte Real de España 1760 by carlosiiideborbon resident
Mongoose MC by Niceguy Serenity
Grimms Garden by eldowyn Inshan
Hunt SL by Rosamoo Mendelsohn
Red Alert: Of Roleplay, Dragons, and Good Hair by Isis Gaelyth
Now & Then Avatar Portrait Project by kristine kristan
Cheeky Pea Garden by Isla Gealach
Caledon Oxbridge by Carl Metropolitan
An Ordinary Girl In An Extraordinary World by callie cline
Nitwacket – “It Started With A Cube” by Pyewacket Bellman
Step into the Game by Wisdom Davi
Follow Your Soul by Eliza Cabassoun
Emphatic Eccentricia by Veleda Lorakeet
Little Avatar Mesh Project by Curious Hazelnut
Life At SL in Machinima by Tania Lebed
Trader Fitch’s Cart of Wonders by Fitch Woodrunner
Onward & Upward! UW Avalumni & VW at University of Washington by Zinnia Zauber
Kangoodiesel by Piers Diesel
Boudoir Immersive by Precious Restless
Mystic Orange – Clouds of Flight by TheOrangeWorks Resident
SisLove by Yman Juran
The Singularity is Near by Lou Tones
The Pathway by Janey Bracken
Raíces Nativas (Native Roots) by Damian Zhaoying
There are Places I Remember … by Saffia Widdershins
Treet TV by Angie Mornington