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This is the area where we’re posting links to videos and blogs that people are making about SL10B Community Celebration! Please be aware that although we look at them before we post them here, these links are not endorsed by the sl10b community celebration team and should not be taken as a source of official information.


DrFran Babcock interviews Marianne McCann for the SL Newser about a rather special build

Linsey Carter discovers that if you want to see SL10B, you should hop on a Pod (and meets their creator)

DrFran Babcock interviews Doc Gascoigne

SL10B Interview with the Stage Leads

Linsey Carter discovers the This Kid Knows Her Second Life History: An Interview with Marianne McCann

Linsey Carter asks Can You Tell a Story in a Single Frame? She Can: An Interview with Whiskey Monday

Lindsey Carter interviews The Reactor Stage builder and Senior Lead, KT Syakumi

If you speak Japanese, SLTV has extensive coverage of the Community Celebration


The Reactor – a wonderful vieo by Moo Money


Inara Prey has created a beautiful video using still pictures of the A’stra Stage:
SL10BCC: ut cum gaudio A’stra



Don’t miss the fantastic recordings of talks at SL10BCC that Mal Burns has been putting together, ably assisted by Petlove Petshop and Emmo Wei!

Here are a couple of examples:



Here are some sneak peeks from the SL10b CC:

Sita Writer has a Sneak Peak of the DJ Stage
DrFran Babcock has a sneak peek!
Gemma Cleanslate takes a flight over the sims
Daniel Voyager reflects on Eight Days to Go!
Sita Writer on Live Performances on SL10B
Gemma Cleanslate on Moving Along
Sita Writer takes a sneak peek at the DJ Stage
Sita Writer takes a sneak peek at Lake Island
Sita Writer takes a sneak peek at Impressive
Sita Writer takes a sneak peek at the Live Performance Stage
Debbie Jasper celebrated the SL10B Community Celebration
Bixyl Shuftan is Busy at SL10B
Tymmerie Thorne Counts Down to SL10B
Inara Pey counts down to the start of the celebrations!
Sita Writer takes a sneak peek at the Main Stage
Linsey Carter is Inspired at SL10B
Stacey Mosely Recaps the History of Second Life
Laylah Lecker discovers how to celebrate Second Life
Tymmerie Thorne can haz a KittyCats!
Desireme Fallen thinks the Pod Tours of SL10B Experience…Feels as Good as being at Disney World!
Ttymmerie Thorne shares SLB News Investigates What’s That Squeaky Noise
Sita Writer encounters the Culture and Fun Temple
Sita Writer explores the Time Capsule
Strawberry Singh salutes the Opening of SL10B Community Celebration
Thinkerer Melville walks the History Walk
Jo Yardley introduces 1920s Berlin at SL10B celebrations
Desireme Fallen explores Kaerri Furniture and The Long Walk Led by David Abbot
PurpleButterfly Lykin Brings on the Bears!
PurpleButterfly Lykin Has Been Banished to the Cornfield
PurpleButterfly Lykin Counts Down to Party
Bixyl Shuftan Celebrates Opening Day
Tymmerie Thorne has Breaking SL10B News
Sita Writer chooses her Must See at SL10B CC
Bixyl Shuftan visits Various Places
Bixyl Shuftan has More on SL10B
Lacy Muircastle considers the Ebb and Flow of Second Life
Debbie Selona pays a visit to the SL10B CC Sims
Tymmerie Thorne reminds us that the sims are still open till 29th!

If you need information about how to apply to be a performer at the SL10B Community Celebration, there’s Mistletoe Ethaniel has put together a great informative video. Her youtube link is

And check out the Event policies too!


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