Schedule for SL10B, Sunday, June 23

"Cake Stage" by Donpatchy

“Cake Stage” by Donpatchy



Schedule for SL10B, Saturday, June 22

"The Tightrope of our Affection" by Blue Tsuki

“The Tightrope of our Affection” by Blue Tsuki

Schedule for SL10B, Friday, June 21

"Nature is an Art" by Motoko Oanomochi

“Nature is an Art” by Motoko Oanomochi

Schedule for SL10B, Thursday, June 20

"A Nature's Nook" built by Uan Ceriaptrix, photo by Loverdag

“A Nature’s Nook” built by Uan Ceriaptrix, photo by Loverdag

Schedule for SL10B, Wednesday, June 19

"The Cake Stage" by Laetizia Coronet.

“The Cake Stage” by Laetizia Coronet.

SL10B Schedule, Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Corn Field as photographed by Ziki Questi of

The Corn Field as photographed by Ziki Questi of

Monday, June 17, 2013

A closeup on the Lake Stage, built by Kazuhiro Aridian

A closeup on the Lake Stage, built by Kazuhiro Aridian

Monday, June 17

SL10B Schedule, Sunday, June 16

The dance floor of the Cake Stage, built by Donpatchy.

The dance floor of the Cake Stage, built by Donpatchy.

Sunday, June 16

Lag at SL10B–What we’re doing and what you can do.

This is a rewrite of a blog entry we feature every year. Some matters of lag have changed substantially in SL, and we have tried to address those but the fundamentals remain the same. There are two kinds of lag: server side and client side. We have done *everything* we can beyond telling people not to build or have scripts to lower lag as much as possible. I personally have spent time on each and every sim with graphics on ultra with shadows and smoothing and experienced no lag with the sims having few avatars. The sims are running well.

One of the biggest concerns with any event is the issue of lag. Lag is like the US Federal deficit—it seems to be getting worse and worse and definitely impinges on our enjoyment.

A lot has been written about lag, and there are a lot of myths and half truths. Let’s get to the core of what we have control over and explain what you can do to make your visit more enjoyable.

First, any sim that has 50 or more avatars moving around and doing things is going to experience some lag. It’s that simple.

Certainly there are ways that it can be counteracted from the sim side, and many of those issues have been addressed by Linden Lab and the volunteers for SL10B. We actively monitor the sims, do restarts daily, and check the builds for things that would impede your enjoyment.

The truth is that a lot of lag is client side.

We hate saying it’s you but it really is you. The biggest portion of lag comes from the user’s end. It comes from having a lower-end graphics card, a slower computer, a slower internet connection, and a poor set up. We can’t give you all new computers and better internet connections. But we can talk about commonly known ways to help make lag less horrible.

  • Make sure you are using a more current version of any client and consider using the SL Viewer. Old versions of LL’s 1.23 are obsolete. Get rid of them. You will have lag with them no matter what. Get v3.5.3. (It’s much improved—really.) Also realize that LL has been doing a lot of tinkering under the hood and third party viewers have been kind of left out of the fun, so their code is not always hooking up well with the servers. This has caused a LOT of problems for folks. Consider seriously getting the LL client until the TPVs can catch up.
  • Tinker with your Graphics preferences in your client: Take down graphics quality and performance.(Go to Preferences > Graphics and set to mid or low.) Some people call this “turning down draw distance.” Do it!graphics
  • Turn off anistropic and antialiasing. (Go back to Preferences > Graphics. In v1 viewers, check the “Custom” and click “Hardware Options.” In V2 viewers, click “Advanced” and “Hardware.” In that window, uncheck “Anisotropic Filtering” and make sure Antialiasing is set to Disable.)hardware
  • Stop looking at other avatars. Do this by going to Advanced > Debug Settings > RenderAvatarMaxVisible and just take that down to 5. Really. If you’re not even looking at other avatars (which chances are you aren’t) this will just remove them from your graphics lag.render
  • Close other programs you might have running. They may be hogging computer resources and bandwidth. You really REALLY don’t need PS, Firefox, iTunes, Messenger, and WoW running all at once. You need to be looking at the wonder of SL10B. This is a huge one that people NEVER pay attention to.
  • Remove all scripts (including AOs). Too many scripts make the sim cry. Be thrifty, don’t be scripty.
  • The following all go under the heading: “No one is looking at you anyway”:
      1. Take your AO off. Waddle. (No one’s looking at you anyway. Really. We are all looking at the builds and not noticing someone else’s waddle. And if we ALL waddle, then we all look silly together. Besides we have derendered you so it really doesn’t matter—see above.)
      2. Wear system clothing. It is not necessary to be naked. The avatar has to render anyway—doesn’t matter if it’s naked or not. But wearing prims will add a bit to graphics lag (and many contain scripts). So wear something sleek and sexy and system. In fact, we have a whole variety of newbie avatars available at Avatar Central for you.
      3. Don’t wear every scripted HUD thing you own. Wear your own head this time and your system hands–no one can see those fancy mesh body parts that are all scripty. No one is LOOKING AT YOU.
  • Wait a few days and go later and enjoy leisurely, less-lag viewing. (It’s open from June 16-23 and the exhibits will be left up til June 29!)
  • Do not lecture others on their arc, scripts, etc. Mind your own business and don’t be a drama queen. You’re just ruining your own fun worrying about what other people are doing.
  • Have patience. The sims are open for two weeks. You can hit two sims a night, slowly enjoy the incredible builds and spend all that time having fun.

Now, if you really want to know how the sim is running, if you REALLY think it’s not you, go to Statistics view and get a better idea. Hit ctrl-shft 1.

sim states

If Sim FPS is running in the 10s or less, it IS the sim. They will restart the sims every day to clear the sims’ cache.

Look at the Packet Loss. If that is more than 0%, your connection is struggling. It’s not the sims. Call your internet provider 😉

Look at the Main Agents. That is how many people are on the sim. Remind yourself that 50 avatars on a sim will mean some lag. Find a less popular sim and go look at it.

I typically enjoy most of SL lag free because I have followed all these rules and then some. It really works! Come enjoy SL10B with me!

Harper Beresford

Don’t Panic!

We’re getting to the deadline for building at SL10B and a lot of builders are now biting their nails and performers are chomping at the bit to see the stages.



Were you the kid who sat in the car and said, “Are we there yet?” That’s pretty darn annoying so stop it! That means don’t come in to chat asking if we are there yet. We are almost there. We can’t make time move any faster.


Nothing has changed. These are the facts for the builders:

Wednesday, June 12 is the last day to build. ALL day. We will lock the sims at midnight SLT. (You can convert your time here. Start with U.S.A. – Calfornia –San Franciso—that’s SLT.) You really should be done by now.

Thursday, June 13 the volunteers will be inspecting the builds for scriptiness, collisiony things, naughty images, and other stuff we have clearly stated are against our rules in the guidelines. We will be contacting builders to make improvements and will be expecting those to be taken care of quickly.

Friday and Saturday, June 14 and 15 will be Press Days where bloggers, magazine writers, etc, will be invited to the group to come see your exhibits and write about them so the rest of the community gets a sneak peek. You will want to make sure you have dusted your exhibit, cleaned up the building debris, and polished it all to a sparkle.

Sunday, June 16 at noon SLT we will OPEN.



Doctor Gascoigne is now Performance Lead. That should mean nothing to your experience as a performer as he has always been Performance Lead and your general experience should be the same.

LuschAudio Cover pic

This year we will be using a new stream company—Lusch Audio Shoutcast Streams. They are generously donating their streams for the SL10B. Make sure you familiarize yourself with their name and patronize them with your appreciation. We are confident you will experience a level of reliability and service you have not seen before.

Stages will be open for performers to see them on June 16 at noon. We know the performers are dying to see them but they are still be worked on and there is nothing out of the ordinary to provide unusual challenges to any performers on these stages. Make sure you review the rules, the time you need to arrive (which is a half hour before your performance) and who your Stage Lead is. If you have a huge set, contact your Stage Lead via notecard and discuss it with them. Otherwise, this is a no-brainer gig. Really.

Exhibitors and performers!

It’s a birthday celebration. TEN YEARS! Have fun!

Ten years is huge! Celebrate!

Ten years is huge! Celebrate!