Thank you SL10B Community

I personally would like to thank everyone who volunteered to work for the Second Life 10th Birthday Community Celebration. All your collective effort and volunteer spirit helped us pull off this grand event. I also would like to thank the SL Community for supporting this event. Without you whether it be in the form of volunteers or visitors, our birthday event would not be as successful as it has been this year.

This year’s gathering was a look back for some and look forward for others. For me personally, it reminded me of the SL I came from where we “paid it forward” by helping each other with our knowledge, experience and throwing really great parties. If I had not said it a dozen times I will say it again; Community is not just a word it is an entity; a living, breathing entity. An interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location. Our common location is Second Life.

If you enjoyed the event and want to be a part next year, keep an eye on this blog and stay in the SLB Community Group for notification of next year’s festivities.

It was and always has been an honor and my pleasure to once again work with all of you.

Cya next time,


3 thoughts on “Thank you SL10B Community

  1. it has been fun so far and there is a week left! 🙂 i can’t wait to tour the sims… 🙂
    thanks doc for all you did, do and will do for this event and for SL in general. i have a lot of respect for you. thank you again!!!

    callie cline

  2. As one of Doc’s old friend, to his hearts delight and as performer in the ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life & Love I also personally like to express the sisters gratitude and appreciation for the creativity and hard work all the organizers have done….the Greeters, the Moderators, the Planners, the Plotters, the Performers, the Light Bringers and the Trail Blazers …….all of your settings, planning, organization and specially the spirit and soul which streamed from all and everyone present was superb and touching the light, life and love on which a community is build… . Friendship, passion and sharing was in highlight. within the souls and spirits of you all. The community prerogatives ..a healthy well being and a spirit of love prevailed within the SL virtual reality and radiated from the many builds and contacts.
    It was a pleasure and delight to share this experiential experience together with you all.
    Happy Birthday SL and welcome to the future…Thank you.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed a full day exploring the exhibitions and reading about what SL has to offer. The theme was an excellent opportunity to showcase SL of the past, present and what is hoped for the future and was a credit to all the hard work put in by all. The user content, in my opinion, was amazing and all involved with the preparation, building and stewardship of the celebrations should be proud of themselves.

      It brought back many memories of SL past and highlighted the way things have changed, with new features such as mesh and advanced lighting giving us a taste of what could be the SL of the future.

      Well done to everyone and thank you all for a celebration that is, in itself, worthy of celebration!

      (Now that I know it’s on for another week, I’ll toddle along and take my time to see more.)

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