The Long Walk at SL10B CC – Episode Five: Boats and Bikes and Spaceships

From  the Lake Stage to the Reactor Stage
Captivate, Stunning, Magnificent and Incredible .

This was a day I’d been looking forward to rather a lot, especially after the view I got from the Lake stage yesterday. A sim full of water with a ton of boats sitting there, just waiting to be drooled ov – um, looked at in a calm, professional manner. No drooling at all. Honest.

Long Walk 5_001a

The last thing I need right now is a restraining order…

I caught the sailing bug a while back, and wish I had more time to take my own boats out, but at least they see more action than my poor motorcycle (maybe I should do this again next year, only by motorcycle? What could possibly go wrong?). Nonetheless, there was a ton of stuff to be enjoyed so I struck out through the lake and up onto the boardwalk. I had some company for the first part of this leg, and it was nice to chat as we wandered. The first stop was Twa Hinkle’s From Past to Future, where I donned my diving suit and ran into Phillip Linden yet again! Seriously, I thought he was far too busy to spend his time here but it’s great to see him taking such an interest. He must have been distracted at the time I arrived, but he was kind enough to stop for another picture (although I’m starting to feel a bit stalker-ish, really, running into him like this all the time).

It's not a carnival ride if you have to row, okay?

It’s not a carnival ride if you have to row, okay?

From there to the Endless Tick of Time, where I enjoyed a really good upper-body workout that was not any kind of amusement ride at all, and then a moment to enjoy the butterflies (moving this time, rather than mounted) at the Transgender Lounge. Along the walkway, though, was another one of those serendipitous delights of random placement: to my left, the Continental Navy and to my right a blacked-sailed vessel of sinister aspect, the Pose Pirate. Talk about two sides of the street, eh?

Leave it, Gary - he's not worth getting kicked out for!

Leave it, Gary – he’s not worth getting kicked out for!

I took a slightly different trip below the surface next, thanks to a handy bubble from the SL Mer-Kids, and then came the awesome underwater display from the Abyss Observatory, with sealife and submarines and plants and… did I mention I’m a fan of theirs? It was diving suit time again, and I saw a sight that made me think I might have to play Moderator for a moment before I remembered what Doc would do to me if I did. Discretion being the better part of valour, I withdraw carefully to the surface and dropped in on the Leeward Cruising Club, whose bi-weekly cruises are a great way to meet the sailing community and catch the boating bug. Nobody gets left on the dock, whether you bring a boat or not!

It was time to cross into Magnificent, and to enjoy two history exhibits put together by some of the great biker communities in SL. The guys from BikerParties have put together a great display of Transportation in SL, covering everything from horses to aircraft, and the Motorcycle Club Community have presented an exploration of one of the most frequently misunderstood modern icons, the biker’s back patch. Understanding is a key to respect and appreciation, and this is a brilliant example of a way in which we can start to appreciate another’s point of view.

From bikes, then, to the moon, courtesy of the National Space Society’s Moonport, and then into other realms entirely as I entered the land of Tir Na Nog. I had my eyes wrenched sideways and the New World Enlightenment Fun House, and learned how to make a soap bubble at the Lathe of Eber. And then…

Then I crossed the river.

Extra points if you can find these poor souls.

Extra points if you can find these poor souls.

After sun and water, the blasted landscape surrounding the Reactor Stage is something of a shock, but no less impressive for that. I wandered across a stark landscape, finding a few surprises (including a couple of reminders of last year’s adventure), until I came to main door inside.

But that, I think, is a journey for tomorrow. I have a set to finish preparing before Zander Greene and I hit the Cake at noon!

No pressure. Honest.

X marks the spot!

X marks the spot!

This is a hunt, and you’re looking for one (or more) of these. They’ll be somewhere on the route but even I don’t know exactly where you’ll find them so there’s no point asking me for hints. Explore! Have fun! Live a little!

If you’re joining us late, you can catch up with the whole thing here.


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