The Long Walk at SL10B CC – Episode Four: Pushing Through

From Berthold’s Steampunk Museum to the Lake Stage
Mesmerize, Exhilarate and Captivate.

Please note that this article contains a factual error, which has been corrected at the end of the text.

I’ve heard people refer to Wednesday as the “Hump Day” of the working week, the half-way point where motivation is hardest to find. After a very late night talking to Zander about music and links for Thursday (tomorrow? Tomorrow! Argh!) I fell out of bed this morning with all the enthusiasm of a spectacularly supine sloth into my very own Hump Day. But there’s no choice: grab something food-like, lace up my walking shoes and it’s time to hit the sims, hopeful that the sights will get me back on track.

There's never a waiter around when you need one...

There’s never a waiter around when you need one…

They did, with a little help from some loud music in my ears and a free bear from a great-looking claw machine at Eclectic Randomness. Taking the name as an inspiration, I set off on a spirally sort of wander around the place. I paused to be glad of the Mesh Testers, who helped to get lots of neat stuff to us all, and then discovered, appropriately enough, the Evolution of the Prim. Picking directions at random is a fun way to see things (and one I encourage) until you see something that takes your particular fancy, and in this case one of the towers has caught my eye. Heading towards it, though, I came across a rather lovely educational build in the shape of the Blue Moon Lepidoptera Museum – hordes of butterflies and moths for admiration, and a nice, quiet space among the hurly-burly of the outside. Then outside again, pausing to let a couple go past in a tour pod, before entering the tower in question: The Machinima Open Studio Project’s Sky-View Lounge. This is exactly what it sounds like, and at the top you’ll find a revolving restaurant with a fantastic view. There are quite a few towers about the place, but this has to be my favourite so far (although it would be improved by a waterslide, of course!), so I took a seat and enjoyed the view for a minute or two before I noticed the time and got a move on.

It was... an enormous...  Meeroo? (With apologies to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

It was… an enormous… Meeroo?
(With apologies to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

At the base of the tower I took another random turn and found Meeroos. Huge Meeroos. Terrifying Meeroos. After collapsing in horror, I got back on my feet and fled before one of them decided to eat me.

I fled into Allison Selene’s installation, Dreams. A door took me into an interesting exploration of the blurred lines between SL and the outside world, complete with another appearance from Philip Linden (who always seems to be Away when I pass him) and then I found my way to London. Standing by a familiar-looking red bus, I could see a large iron tower to the east, and the only reasonable response was to head towards it.

I was distracted, of course, by the gorgeous blue twisty-thing to my right, so diverted up the inside of Universo Creativo’s tower and went from there to a Japanese Garden by Forever Dreams before finally discovering that the iron tower was an exhibit called The Foundry Remembers When. Through Deadwood, then, to Club Accessible, and towards yet another nifty-looking tower that turned out to be NeoVictoria’s display on behalf of their roleplaying community. But I had meandered enough by then, and had to point towards my final destination. This didn’t stop me from laughing at graffiti on the wall of a public toilet at Trifles, though, nor from diving through the Moderator’s Chill Zone.

The Lake Stage

The Lake Stage

That dive dropped me by the edge of the water, with the Lake Stage before me, so I made my way around and up to find Karole Batista halfway through a set with a dance floor full of people. Happy people make a great place to stop, and from this point I can already see a sim I know I’m going to have way too much fun in. But that is for tomorrow.

If this was Hump Day, then I have one tiny camel. Onward!

X marks the spot!

X marks the spot!

This is a hunt, and you’re looking for one (or more) of these. They’ll be somewhere on the route but even I don’t know exactly where you’ll find them so there’s no point asking me for hints. Explore! Have fun! Live a little!

If you’re joining us late, you can catch up with the whole thing here.

The Machinima Open Studio Project is not, as stated above, connected with the Sky View Lounge. I would like to apologise to both parties for my mistake, and to express my thanks to those who pointed out the error so that I could correct it as soon as I became aware.

The Sky View Lounge was constructed by Ray Weyland, and the MOSP parcel can, in fact, be found here.


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