The Long Walk at SL10B CC – Episode Two: A Big Slice

From the Live Stage to the Cake Stage
Impressive, Spellbound, Astound, Enchant, Pizzazz and Fascinate.

Starting where I left off, at the fire, I took the chance to explore the live stage a little more. There’s a lot here – worth a day in itself – but I’ve got a lot of ground to cover today. It’s really nice to kick off with a bit of greenery, though. Down through the stage area, thanks to missing the path, and north into the lower sections of the build, where paths and statues can be found among the plant life. Passing the bling mines and finding my way back to the path out, I stop to enjoy a view of the day’s destination: the Cake. It’s huge: four sims in total, with exhibitors around the outside edges, and today’s plan is for me to take what I’ve started calling the Tour de Gateau and end up in the middle.

It's a cake. A really big cake.

It’s a cake. A really big cake.

Crossing the water and rejoining the roads, I’m confronted with Frankx Lefavre’s Chrysalis, which makes great use of parcel windlight (if you have such a thing – switch to Midnight if you don’t) to enhance some beautiful work in lights. Just along is a brilliant Trompe-l’œil build from Little Blue Fermi Sandbox. I confess to skipping the 3D Maze next door, for fear of making this the story of a week spent trying to get out, and move along to where the First Church of Rosedale have installed an excellent water slide.


Don’t say it – I’m trying to get that thing in my sights…

Yes, I made good use of it. No, this isn’t going to be “David Abbot Rides Every Single Carnival Ride at the Birthday.” Honest. No, really.

Having not been baptised by the not-holy water in the slide (I know that’s the case, there’s a sign and everything), and marvelled at the holy relic of a prim created by Philip himself back in 2002, I pressed on. Straight into Inside Art, who were a favourite of mine last year with their pictures you can become part of, then west and north along the borders of Enchant and into Pizzazz, where I found Gracie Kendall’s Ce n’est pas une peinture and took time to float in a world of colour. Coming around the north face of the Cake in Pizzazz there’s a wide-open stretch, and that gave me time to really admire the stage as I walked along. Trouble is, it also gave me time to worry about something.

I’m playing that stage on Thursday, with Zander Greene. And it’s four sims.

We have to fill four sims.

No pressure, right?

Quiet Thunder

Quiet Thunder

Panic was diverted just in time as Nico Bascom’s Quiet Thunder came into view. Giant waterfalls and greenery, with Quark Fallen’s display behind it and Qie Niangao’s exhibit alongside for the Virtual Railroad Consortium. This whole corner’s a joy, really, and I was lucky enough to bump into Qie next to the ghost trains he brought with him. It was nice to stop and talk for a while, about everything from the birthday to scripting to conspiracy theories (no, we didn’t declare the event to be a conspiracy – there were several stops along the way!) and just enjoy the enthusiasm that people bring to this whole thing. It’s not just a celebration, a way of saying that we’re still here: it’s a sign that for all our arguing and shenanigans, even as we try to tear each other down, we’re able to come together and make something huge and mad and wonderful. Long may it continue to be the case.

Tomorrow I shall take my first serious look inside the Cake.

Four sims.

Right, no pressure…

X marks the spot!

X marks the spot!

This is a hunt, and you’re looking for one (or more) of these. They’ll be somewhere on the route but even I don’t know exactly where you’ll find it so there’s no point asking me for hints. Explore! Have fun! Live a little!

If you’re joining us late, you can catch up with the whole thing here.


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