The Long Walk at SL10B CC – Episode Zero: Packing my Bags

by David Abbot

David Abbot with The Long Walk Poster

David Abbot with The Long Walk Poster

Some days, an idea just hits you. This one came along as I was thinking about last year’s birthday, having been asked to come up with another batch of silliness for this year. I thought back to happy days in the Egyptian sims; the wide views, the sunny weather, the way the sand got everywhere and the fact that I didn’t build one single sandcastle all week. Not one. What a waste!

The other thing I didn’t do, really, was see as much of the birthday as I wanted to. The Egyptian stage was awesome, but it was just two sims of twenty and the weeks afterwards were filled with stories other people told me about great things I’d missed. “Not this time,” I thought. “This time I’ll fix it so I actually get to see stuff!”

SL10BB CC map

SL10BB CC map

And so The Long Walk was born. Twenty sims in seven days as I try to see as much of the event as I can – and try to keep track of it all here. There’ll be gifts along the way if you want to follow my progress, too, thanks to some very nice people who’ve been kind enough to donate what I’ve no doubt will be lovely things. Each day, I’ll walk from somewhere to somewhere else then I’ll write it up and post it here. Nothing pre-written, and the only things set as I write this are the start point (the Welcome Area), the final finishing point (the Welcome Area again, funnily enough),  the places where gifts will be left and a basic route to make sure all twenty sims get covered in the allotted time. Everything else depends on what happens when my feet hit the ground on that day, so I have no idea what I’ll write about until then!

Long Walk Poster

Long Walk Poster

Aiding me behind the scenes will be the redoubtable Rosamoo Mendelsohn, who’ll make sure that things run smoothly, and Saffia Widdershins is keeping an eye on my expenses claims. But here up front it’s going to be a very personal journey, a chance to see what wonders have been created this year and hopefully point out a few gems that you’ll enjoy too. If nothing else, I’ll have no excuse to say “I missed what?” this year!

It’s a long walk, but it’ll be worth it. Feel free to tag along.

To get a copy of The Long Walk Poster, contact Rosamoo Mendelsohn.


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