Don’t Panic!

We’re getting to the deadline for building at SL10B and a lot of builders are now biting their nails and performers are chomping at the bit to see the stages.



Were you the kid who sat in the car and said, “Are we there yet?” That’s pretty darn annoying so stop it! That means don’t come in to chat asking if we are there yet. We are almost there. We can’t make time move any faster.


Nothing has changed. These are the facts for the builders:

Wednesday, June 12 is the last day to build. ALL day. We will lock the sims at midnight SLT. (You can convert your time here. Start with U.S.A. – Calfornia –San Franciso—that’s SLT.) You really should be done by now.

Thursday, June 13 the volunteers will be inspecting the builds for scriptiness, collisiony things, naughty images, and other stuff we have clearly stated are against our rules in the guidelines. We will be contacting builders to make improvements and will be expecting those to be taken care of quickly.

Friday and Saturday, June 14 and 15 will be Press Days where bloggers, magazine writers, etc, will be invited to the group to come see your exhibits and write about them so the rest of the community gets a sneak peek. You will want to make sure you have dusted your exhibit, cleaned up the building debris, and polished it all to a sparkle.

Sunday, June 16 at noon SLT we will OPEN.



Doctor Gascoigne is now Performance Lead. That should mean nothing to your experience as a performer as he has always been Performance Lead and your general experience should be the same.

LuschAudio Cover pic

This year we will be using a new stream company—Lusch Audio Shoutcast Streams. They are generously donating their streams for the SL10B. Make sure you familiarize yourself with their name and patronize them with your appreciation. We are confident you will experience a level of reliability and service you have not seen before.

Stages will be open for performers to see them on June 16 at noon. We know the performers are dying to see them but they are still be worked on and there is nothing out of the ordinary to provide unusual challenges to any performers on these stages. Make sure you review the rules, the time you need to arrive (which is a half hour before your performance) and who your Stage Lead is. If you have a huge set, contact your Stage Lead via notecard and discuss it with them. Otherwise, this is a no-brainer gig. Really.

Exhibitors and performers!

It’s a birthday celebration. TEN YEARS! Have fun!

Ten years is huge! Celebrate!

Ten years is huge! Celebrate!


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