SL10B CC Picture of the Day: June 5th – Pose Pirate and Urantia

After yesterday’s views of the A’stra stage, today we have two views of resident builds.

Pose Pirate at SL10B CC

Pose Pirate at SL10B CC, photograph by Jadelyn McAuley

The first is captured on the water sim, which has proved very popular this year and is seeing some amazing constructions going up – and down – as you may see a hint of in this picture!

The Urantia Plot

The Urantia Plot, photograph by Yman Juran

The second is a picture of Celestial artisans at the Urantia plot and is a ChangHigh Sisters creation. As anyone who knows and loves the ChangHigh Trinity Sisters would expect, it’s very beautiful. And very worth exploring with a friend, as it offers you the change to test out some of the routines that the Sisters are famed for!


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