SL10B CC Picture of the Day: Two views of the A’stra Stage

Two pictures today of the same stage (sort of).

Inara Pey took this amazing image before the sims opened to builder – the tusked creature (not quite a boar) stands at the edge of the A’stra stage area and gazes out across bleak plains to where the Cake Stage is rising in the distance …

SL10B CC Empty

SL10B CC Empty – photograph by Inara Pey

And in our second picture, Whiskey Monday has a gloriously colourful view of the stage area and the elephants.

SL10B CC Main Stage - A'stra - photograph by Whiskey Monday

SL10B CC Main Stage – A’stra – photograph by Whiskey Monday

The A’stra stage has been designed by Flea Bussey and Toady Nakamura and as well as being a stunning build, it is also full of little astonishing details to discover … so make sure to explore thoroughly when you get there!



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