So You’re a Performer at SL10B! Congratulations!

The four performance stages are as monumental as they look.

The four performance stages are as monumental as they look.

A ton of performers have just received their letter of acceptance to perform at the SL10B celebrations. JustOneMore Loon, the man of pithy names, has asked me, Harper Beresford, resident fashionista and special guest star, to remind the performers of a few things because we do things a little differently at the celebration.

Let me point out, first of all, that there are four stages: Live, Lake, Cake, DJ. We will have simultaneous performances going on across all four stages at any one time with a slew of Stage Leads and Stage Managers helping performers get on and off the stage, watching the sim performance, and announcing performances in group notices and on the event boards. There will be over 300 performers coming and going at SL10B. This is not your mom’s corner dance hall. This is a huge celebration–the biggest ever on the grid. And you’ll be part of it!

Here are a few pointers:

1. If you received an email from us to perform, acknowledge you know when you are playing, what software you’ll be using, and what country you will be hooking in from by June 1. We use this data to get you the best stream and to solidify the schedule. We also have to coordinate announcing your performances on our blog and in other media, so we can’t leave this to the last minute.  If we don’t hear from you by June 1, we have a waiting list of performers dying to take your spot.

We want to know where you’re coming from.

2. You need to acknowledge the email yourself  and need to show up yourself before the performance. We really don’t need your manager or your partner or your entourage along for the ride. A lot of performers have people who intercede with clubs either for convenience or fun but in this case, it’s not convenient when we have 300 performers have their 300 managers show up on their behalf.

The entourage. It’s so 2003.

3. You will be invited to the SLB Entertainment group by the Stage Lead soon after you get accepted (just keep your eyes peeled for the invite). This gives you rezzing privileges and the right to hear the backstage chatter at SL10B. It also clues you into any changes going on for SL10B. Make sure you keep a group slot available. We can not invite your manager or assistant at this time.

A special group for "special" people.

A special group for “special” people.

4. We are giving you a stream so don’t bring your own. We do this so we can easily flip from one to the next and control how it’s going through the sims. This will save YOU money and time, so don’t bother getting airtime on a stream service—we have it covered.


nEo Stream is footing the bill. Take the free hosting!

5. You need to arrive 30 minutes early and be available. We need to wire you up, plug in your amps, test the levels, and corral the groupies. A Stage Assistant will IM you to bring you to a special area to set you up. Don’t schedule a set the hour before and expect to just TP in a couple minutes before. Make sure you go to the bathroom and do you all your afk stuff before you show up. We have an extensive staff working behind the scenes to make sure you get up on that stage without a hitch. We need you there and present to work with us.

Show up 30 minutes early. This is what it looks like on an analog clock (as if anyone uses those anymore.)

6. The event is rated G—for everyone. If you like to rip your shirt off and flash during performances, don’t do it. If you have a need to play music with bad words in them, don’t do it. (I would give a list of popular songs here that should not be played but I will get ejected because the blog is also supposed to be G-rated.) If you like to cuss and talk dirty during your set, just don’t. Leave your badonkadonk at home.


Flowers are G-rated. So are Disney songs and rainbows and unicorns. So much that is fun is G-rated!

7. You can rez no more than 350 prims for your set. That means if you have an extravagant DJ booth with every single button on the equalizer made of a prim, you need to find a fake one with drawn in buttons. If you have a dance set with a thousand glittering spheres, you need to replace it with 300 glittering spheres. And oh man, if you have a 351-prim blinging tip jar—find a smaller one, Liberace.

“Tip me, darling!”

8. The good news is you can rez a tip jar or a group joiner. However, it’s against the rules to gesture big ads about your performance or invite people in the audience to your group during your performance. If your favorite hostess or manager likes doing this (and a lot of them do), just tell it’s not needed this time. However, DO ask them to ask your group members to come see you. We love a crowd in the audience!

TIP JAR copy

Tips are good. Gestures are not. Nor are group invites.

9. Give it your all! This is a great chance for you to be heard by people who never would have heard you before. I have learned about so many amazing performers at the Birthday and I have gone back to see them again and again. Make it count!

Dance like nuts at the SL10B!

Make us dance like it’s the party of the decade!


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