Have you claimed your plot yet?

If you haven’t, time is short. You need to claim your plot in the next 24 hours or you risk losing it. We have a waiting list of people just ready and willing to be in the event and we will be starting to reallocate unclaimed plots from this time tomorrow.

If you haven’t already, please join our general chat group, ‘The SLB Community’ and ask for an EA to help you claim your plot.


2 thoughts on “Have you claimed your plot yet?

  1. I don’t know if I am an exibitor or not, I have not received any confirmation. I had been planning on teaching. Is there a person I can contact in world and a time that they are usually online?

    • Eagle, emails have been sent out to people who applied to be exhibitors stating acceptance or not. Check your email or spam folder. If you applied, you should have received something.

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