So You’re an Exhibitor! Congratulations!

So you have been accepted to the SL10B as an Exhibit Builder! It’s a great honor and a lot of fun. The organizers asked me, Harper Beresford, resident fashionista and special guest star, to explain to you how to get started and some of the rules for building.

Yes, I am wearing this dress for the birthday and it's even more spectacular live!

Yes, I am wearing this dress for the birthday and it’s even more spectacular live!

First, you got accepted. Congratulations. First hurdle is done! But how do you get in?

Exhibitor Assistants (heretofore known as “EA”s) are waiting breathlessly for your call. Join the SLB Community first.

slb community

Once you have joined, click the “Chat” button for the group.

SLB Community chat

Type right in that group (yes, you are allowed to talk), “Hi! I am an exhibitor! Can I  please have an EA to invite me to the group?” Wait a little bit. (You may or may not hear musak—we have no control over that.) It may take a while because it can get really busy and what they have to do takes time. Give it a good 10 minutes and if you don’t get acknowledged, ask again. (Don’t ask every 30 seconds. Some of the EAs are moms and will put you in time out like they do to their kids when they pull that stunt.)

An EA in the group will acknowledge you:

Harper Beresford: Sure, <insert your name here>, let me IM you.

The EA will take a moment to check you off the list of accepted exhibitors and then will send you invite to this group—the SLB Exhibit and Performance group. Take that invite! It’s the key to getting on the sims and building and a whole wonderful world of exhibitorship that you have earned just by applying. (I would like to know who the joker is who decided to call us “Exhibitionists.”…)

SLB exhibition

Keep the rest of chat in the group to a minimum because there are other exhibitors seeking their perfect EA and EAs seeking to dance those exhibitors out to a parcel, and it’s a delicate exchange requiring concentration and focus. Don’t let someone drop someone because you felt like chattering!

And by the way, be nice to the EAs. They are residents just like you. They are volunteers. They are the folks checking you in at the door, handing you your nametag and making sure you have all your stuff. If you’re nice, they are very eager to make every moment of the birthday great for you and will fall over backwards to help you out when you need it. They are working hard to fill your need!

The EA will give you some information in IM and TP you to your parcel. They will hand you this pretty little piece of birthday cake. (C’mon, play along!) Inside the cake is your very own set of notecards to read and a badge to hang round your pixel neck so you can feel official ‘n’ stuff. (You don’t really get to eat it. Who would want to? All SL food tastes like styrofoam.) 

Read the notecards. A lot of important information lies therein. (If we catch you asking a question that could have been answered by reading the notecards, everyone will make fun of you. So read the notecards.)

It's full of good stuff!

Birthday cake! It’s full of good stuff!

Before you scoot off to dinner or breakfast or whatever it is you scoot off to, make sure you drop a prim on your parcel. This tells us you have claimed the parcel and you are going to build there. Just build a quick box and be done with it. This is what a prim looks like, in case you forgot:

It's a prim. Yep. It's all we need to know you're committed.

It’s a prim. Yep. It’s all we need to know you’re committed.

You are *fully encouraged* to prebuild off-sim. Most professionals do it that way and you want to look professional, right? Make it look like you whipped up an entire parcel and were able to rez it without breaking a nail by building away from the crowds. It’s cooler that way.

Let me remind you of a few important rules:

1. You get 269 prims or whatever that comes out to mesh equivalencies. That’s right! Two-hundred sixty-nine whole prims. (That’s “doscientos sesenta y nueve” in Spanish or “+२६९” in Hindi or “269” in various languages—darn Google Translate.)

This is what 269 prims looks like. It’s a lot. Enjoy it.

That's a lotta prims!

Is that number a coincidence? I don’t think so!

2. You get a 32 X 32 plot. This is what it looks like. It’s yours and it’s FREE. Fill it up! (But not past the boundaries. Overhanging prims are bad juju.)

That eensy glowing speck is me. You get a lot of room to exhibit!

That eensy glowing speck is me. You get a lot of room to exhibit!

3. Everything has to be G rated. No naughtiness, no swearing, no nudity, no risky business. “No boys, no booze, no bongs,” as my dad used to say. It’s not worth arguing about or negotiating with the committee. It’s the rules. If you think it might be on the edge, it probably is. (And just because they call you an “exhibitionist” does not mean they encourage that.)

Flowers are G-rated. We like flowers.

Flowers are G-rated. We like flowers. Birthday cakes can be G-rated. There is much more in this world that is G-rated than is not. Show us the G-rated stuff.

6. You can build no higher than 175 meters. It’s pretty darn high. I just fell off a prim at 175 meters to illustrate. It really hurt.

It's a long way down, baby!

It’s a long way down, baby!

7. We do not allow commercial stuff. Advertising is not really what the Birthday is about. Don’t turn your parcel into an advertisement for your business. (And oh, big floating prims are not allowed either.)

Uh. No.

Uh. No.

We do allow a landmark giver and a sign from your business identifying yourself, but beyond that, this is a celebration. Give away gifties and fun things. But don’t make us ask you to leave. Talking business at someone’s RL birthday party is tacky; it’s just as tacky at this birthday party.

Here is a simple landmark giver with flowers. We like flowers.

Here is a simple landmark giver with flowers. We like flowers.

8. Be thrifty. Don’t be scripty. We reserve the right to notify you that your script load is occupying too much time on the sim. We think an SL without any scripts is no fun so we have not put a definite ugly restriction on scripts but we really want people to function on the sims and enjoy things. If we see you’re running our sims hard, we’ll run you out.

9. I know I am missing something. Something KT told me once. Something Doc always needles me about.


That’s right!

Have fun! It’s been 10 years. Let’s show the rest of SL we’re here to stay!

(Coming soon, Exhibitor Explanations, Part 2.)


7 thoughts on “So You’re an Exhibitor! Congratulations!

  1. Reblogged this on A Passion for Virtual Fashion and commented:

    I was asked to help out with SL10B. The SL10B Community Celebration is Second Life’s 10th anniversary resident-run gala celebration, and it happens from June 16 to June 29. Being a fashionista, what could I possibly know about building or sim management or handling massive data or.. well any of that? All I know how to do is match my shoes to my purse. This blog reminds exhibitors about the rules of building.

  2. I have a really dumb question. I am not an exhibitor. I just want to know where I can buy those flowers! Who sells them? 🙂

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