Applications are now closed!

Applications for all Exhibitors, Performers, Speakers and Volunteers have now closed, and WOW! We had over 500 exhibitor applications, over 470 Performer applications and more than 350 volunteers! Now begins the task of sorting through all your applications and sending out acceptances. Our first priority is exhibitors, as the sims open for you lot on the 26th – that’s this coming Sunday! Acceptances for you will start coming in the next few days and will continue all week. Please be patient as we have a lot to work through! We’ll post the dates that performers can expect to hear from us in a while, but that will be closer to our opening date of June 16 – we won’t forget you, promise!

A few bits of info to impart for exhibitors:

The sims now open on the 26th of May, NOT the 27th as we stated. The 27th is Memorial day in the States (which me, being not an American, completely failed to realise – I’m sorry!) So because of that we have decided to open the sims a day early.

Our policies state that all plots have 234 prims. Now that our land boffins have completed laying out the plots, roads and signage (mostly) we are pleased to say that we can now give every plot a prim bonus. Each plot now has 269 prims! That’s an extra 35 doses of primmy goodness for each of you! We will, of course be enforcing that limit, but if you were struggling to make your build fit 234 prims, we hope the increase helps!

Lastly, demand for our water plots was such that more people wanted water plots than there are water plots to give. So, unfortunately, some of you will miss out on the water plot. If you asked for a water plot but get  offered a land plot instead we apologise. We are happy to lower the land for you, but not everyone can fit on our one water sim.

Right, off to start rummaging through your applications. More later!


SL10B pic 1_001


5 thoughts on “Applications are now closed!

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  2. Oooooo , GOODY !!!

    Can’t WAIT , babes !!

    *Grabs popcorn , zips up sleeping-bag and stares intently at screen*

    E x x

  3. I’m in, a big PHEW!
    Good luck to the rest of you, hope to see you there. I am in the back woods, but don’t care just wanna be there. Yay!
    Right knuckling down to make loads of freebies.

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