Applications Update Time!


We are delighted with the volume of requests for exhibitor space this year at the SL10B Community Celebration. There have been over 300 in the first week. We can’t wait!

There have been a few issues with some of the applications that have been sent in, we will go over those to clarify for you.


A few applications have requested larger plots and/or more prims.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the SL10B Community Celebration, and ask to please take a minute to re-read the Event Policies.

 – 32m by 32m and 234 Prims

We are unable to provide anything other than what is listed. Absolutely no exceptions can be made to the above sizes/prims. All builds must suit these dimensions in order to accommodate as many exhibitors as possible on our 20 sims. Thank you in advance for understanding.


There are a lot of vague descriptions of what is planned for your parcel. Although you may not have exact details of your final build, the more clear you are with what you’d like to exhibit, the easier it is for the selection staff to approve your application.

Applications which say “I don’t know what I’m building, but it will be neat,” are unlikely to be accepted. Applications close May 20, so there is still have plenty of time to think about what you will build and submit your application.

If after reading this you feel you need to revise your application, please submit a new application and make a note on it that says THIS IS A REVISED APPLICATION.

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to working together for a great celebration!


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